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Uploading my Logo on Bueno theme

  1. I have been trying to upload my logo to my new theme Bueno. I have upgraded to edit CSS. But the code below is not showing my logo.

    My Blog is

    I am trying to replace the big black text “AWESOME DC” with my logo.

    Is it my code or the Bueno theme is not allowing the new logo?

    #masthead h1 {


    background:#ffffff url('') no-repeat top center; }

    #masthead h1 a {



    The blog I need help with is

  2. To replace the text with an image you can do something like this:

    #logo {text-indent:-9999px; background:url("URL-GOES-HERE"); height:198px; width:940px;}

    I couldn't try it with the link you specified as it doesn't seem to lead anywhere.


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