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uploading my them to my custom domain

  1. I just bought the domain from Godaddy. I also just bought a premium wordpress theme. How do I upload that theme into my cpanel?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't.

    Themes designed for blogs can only be used on They cannot be used on any blog with a Cpanel, because those are WordPress.ORG blogs and they don't use the same kind of software.

  3. What about themes that were bought off of 3rd party sites like "Themeforest"? Are those downloadable, and then up-loadable into a cpanel?

    How easy is it to get a refund for a theme if I just bought it an hour ago?

  4. You cannot use themes downloaded from the internet on The only themes we can use are found in the Theme Showcase (or from your dashboard under "appearance").

    Some may have the same name as those designed for, but they have been especially adapted to work with

    As for getting a refund from Themeforest, you'll have to ask them what their policy is.

  5. Are you aware of the different flavors of WordPress?

  6. I didnt buy the theme off themeforest, I bought it off of

    How do I get a refund?

  7. From your Upgrades page. Hover over the upgrade and the Refund button should appear.

  8. Thanks for your help guys. Where do I find the upgrades page?

  9. Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades

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