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    I am brand new to this group and am trying to set up a website on which to display a recently published article to broaden its readership. Present problem (there will be more!) is in trying upload a section of the article with .odt designation from my desktop. I seem able to do this but all that really appears is an underlined blue title of the upload “Neo Pt 1.odt” (created with NeoOffice) but none of it’s contents. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am using an Intel Mac with Safari browser.
    Site is at: http://mertonocso.wordpress.com/about/

    The blog I need help with is mertonocso.wordpress.com.


    You can display image files (jpg, png and gif) but you cannot display filetypes such as odt, doc, or pdf, so you only get links to such uploaded files. To display the actual text on your page, you’ll need to copy-paste it from the file into the page editor. To avoid introducing bad code, use the “Paste as plain text” button, or switch the editor to html and paste there.



    Using Open Office you can save your document as a Word Document and then paste in the text using the Paste Word Document (next to paste plain text) – that should save some formatting stuff and have less hand tuning of the format.

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