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Uploading of changes which do NOT change

  1. I have 2 blogs here and

    I have a different header image for each, yet when I try to upload a new header for my armchairexpert blog, it claims to be changed, and when I go look, it's not.....I've uploaded the same image maybe 30 times in a's not doing it.

    Next, again on my armchairexpert blog, the "home" and "about" links are not going to the right place...they are going to my dirkgently blog. WTF??? How can I solve this? Are these issues with the wordpress software, servers? Is this an issue with the dashboard controlling more than one blog?

    I also noticed that the dashboard likes to switch between blogs when it wants too, which makes it rather awkward making sure your changing the right must be a thrill for gamblers, but for people after a simple, hassle free admin does not help.

    It maybe that I'll have to drop one of my blogs because of the inadequecy of the software in dealing with them.....we'll see.

  2. It's OK, I've decided to ditch one blog, and use the categories to express myself. I didn't think about this when I signed up for 2 blogs. It's going to be much easier....question though....when I delete one blog, how long does it take before it can't be found? And can anyone else register the name after I delete it?

  3. The answer is that no blog name is ever re-used at You can confirm this by reading the FAQs sticky post at the head of the forum
    This link is to a thread that contains links to wordpress resources


    also, others have reported the issue with blog content getting mixed up between blogs, and it can be fixed by support staff on the back end. If you had waited and sent an email to support, this probably could have been solved for you. Oh well.

  5. In terms of not being "found", it now shows the "blog deleted by author" page and eventually all the users of that blog will quit going after seeing that message. Search engines will give up on it after awhile as well as that page will be indexed and not your content.


  6. I haven't clicked on the email confirmation yet to delete it....I tried to delete "amechairexpert" I checked, double checked and triple checked this was the one before requesting it to email confirmation is for "dirkgently"

    I have not clicked on it in case it deletes the wrong seems another example of a lottery style admin system, more based on luck than planning.

    With categories, it does seem that my plans are better suited with one blog anyway.....I'm just a bit annoyed with the Microsoft style and hope.

  7. Timethief I did notice that warning when I tried to delete it, but that was after I posted this query, but thanks anyway.

  8. You're welcome. :)

  9. @dirkgently,

    whatever you decide to do with your blog(s), please do send feedback to support on Monday. They need to know about the mingled content issue at least.


  10. Well, I tried deleting a second time, adding a sarcastic message of what I was trying to do...just in case the code didn't match....and it worked this time, I now have only one blog.....and reclaimed my sanity.

    I understand letting the admins know of the issue, but why only on Mondays? Do their emails work different from the rest of the internet? Personally I get emails all the time....if I choose to read them at 2.30pm every second Tuesday, that's when I'll get them.....regardless of when they are sent.

    It seems that others have had similar problems to me, and that since the admins can sort it out from the back seems to be a "personal fix" when requested rather than a "template fix" for all without the need to get frustrated and search the forums for a suitable solution.

    Imagine knowing your product was faulty (for some users) and deciding in your infinite wisdom that fixing a customers unit when a complaint arrives is a better tactic that looking into what's causing it and fixing it so the customer don't need to complain because the issue would be solved.........not a way I'd run a business, but maybe that's just me.

    I have noticed that some options are in "beta" mode at the moment. This by it's nature means there are going to be flaws that will be found by some, and fixed in due course. It could be the "global dashboard" feature is flawed at the moment. In that case, I'd prefer an option to "not use the global dashboard" and allow only those willing to be testers to choose to use it. This would ease a LOT of stress for people who DON'T want to be testers.

  11. The email inbox works all weekend, but the lone support staffer does not, officially speaking. What doesn't work at all on the weekends is the automated Feedback form on your dashboard.

  12. And staff has told us many times that if somehting is broken, they want to know about it asap, even if it;s the weekend.

    I saw Mark posting here in the forums a couple of times during the weekend.

  13. I guess some of this is learning the software....I only joined a few days ago, and have been learning from scratch since. The software itself seems well enough laid out, logical enough, it's just damn infuriating when it has a mind of it's's much harder to figure out what you're doing wrong and how to avoid it.

    Since I deleted my other blog, it has resolved my issue in this thread, so I'll now mark it as such.

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