uploading old blog posts saved as html in explorer

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    I had a blog for a few years on a server that used an older version of WordPress software. The server suffered a major hacker attack, so I began a new version of the blog directly at wordpress. However, I am trying to get all of my old posts back onto the new blog.

    The posts and their comments were all saved via Internet Explorer on a CD as MHTML files. I can read them using Explorer–they have retained the look of a WordPress blog–however, I would like to simply upload them en masse to the new blog.

    Is there any way they can be converted into WordPress export file or WXR file and simply uploaded?




    See if the section on editing helps at all.

    Alternatively, can they be opened in a text editor to view the raw html? If so, you can copy/paste it into the code view of the editor here. But because you were self hosted before you might have stuff in there that will get stripped out here (javascript/flash/iframes/embeds).



    Oh. Unfortunately, that will only work on a post by post basis, so if you have a lot of posts…. well, YMMV.

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