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Uploading PDFs?

  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to upload PDFs to a page, not a post?

    If it is, how do they appear? Is it just like a normal link that people can click to download the file?


  2. I gather you haven't tried it yet? :)

    Same method as a picture. It will detect it as a *.pdf and adjust the link.

  3. No, I'm too shy. ;)

  4. It should be fine. There's a couple of threads about them here in the forums.

  5. Hmmmm....

    I set-up my page and uploaded the pdf. I can see it as a link when I am on the editing section. However, when I view the page, no link?

    What am I missing?

  6. Don't worry! I did some testing!!!

    I didn't realise that you had to then create a link from the upload link.


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