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    I am using the Ambiru header theme and would like to upload a photo onto the header. Under “Upload New Header Image” I am unable to select “Choose file” and the “Browse” icon doesn’t show. The “Choose file” button appears highlighted in dark grey and is frozen. I am using a Mac and was wondering if this is the reason for the problem. My friend, who has a PC, sees all the icons has no problem uploading a photo onto my header.



    Are you using Safari on your Mac? This might sound silly but try installing Firefox and see if that works. There are known issues with Safari and wp.com I believe.



    i had the same problem with safari aswell but got it working using the opera browser.


    Thank you for your suggestions. I downloaded Firefox and it works fine now.


    I downloaded firefox and now don’t have the top tool bar for wordpress! what do you think is the problem here? Yes I am on a mac and have the same upload problems for the header pic as in this thread… any suggestions??
    handmaid leah



    I’m having the same problem. INCREDIBLY AGGRAVATING. Come on WordPress. You can do better. Jeezuz.


    @handmaidlea and jfdi
    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies and then log back in. Many times when the admin bar does not appear it’s a cookie issue.

    If either of you are using Safari, my suggestion would be to download and use FireFox or Camino for working with wordpress. It will make for a much smoother experience.

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