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Uploading Photos

  1. Is anyone else having issues having their uploaded photos show up in their media gallery?

    I can upload, and it seems like the upload goes through just fine, but it results in nothing more than an [x].

  2. Sigh, now it seems to be working. This is driving me bonkers.

  3. Ok, again, only a few photos are loading.

    I really must be doing something wrong, or is wordpress just unreliable like this?

    I only see a few of the photos loading whereas all were loading earlier...

    Your thoughts?

  4. accidentalsexiness

    I am having the same problem!

  5. Yeah! I noticed one of my blog entry containing an uploaded photo of mine shows a red-colored [X] of nothingness; while the 'Media Library' is fine. However, the opposite happens to another photo. I just noticed this a few minutes ago. What is going on?

  6. accidentalsexiness

    I've tried a bunch of different types of pix so I don't think its the file.

  7. Yes, others are reporting some existing images going Poof as well:

    Report it to staff via the Support button on your dashboard and wait it out. I wouldn't do any image posting for at least a few hours.

  8. If you are having problems viewing images, please let us know the URL to the post where the images are located or send us a support request and we'll take a look. We've looked at a couple of the examples here and from the other thread and the images are loading fine so far.

  9. It is interesting that SEVERAL bloggers seem to have the same problem and the support staff is unable to tell what the problem might be until they receive the link and in the meantime they will always tell you that everything seems to look okay to them. I think the bloggers DESCRIBED the problem the best way they could and a link is not going to make a difference. BTW I am having the same problem today as well...

  10. Here's a description, if that's needed:

    Photos weren't loading, and neither was the header. Then they were. Now they aren't again. Clear enough?

  11. siddiqkhalifah

    Thank God, I thought it was my comp, it crashed last week n i paid almost as much as the dang cpu itself. this porblem stared about 2 hours ago. i was in the middle of making a photblog and the the "x:'s started happening, hopefully they'll fix.

  12. I'm having the same issue. The upload progress bar appears to indicate it's working, but as soon as it's done it fails to display the pic. I tried to visit the image link directly on my browser, and instead of returning an image it just returns a text with the URL of the image.

  13. michelephotography

    Me too...very frustrated today just trying to do a simple task of loading images is taking hours because all that is showing up is a big red X. And the images that I loaded a few days ago have done a disappearing act.
    Can anyone help?

  14. Check out the "Broken Images" postings

  15. Hmm, since the WordPress crew likes to proudly announce their successes on the main Dashboard page, it would be wise to ANNOUNCE this problem so that people do not even attempt to UPLOAD PHOTOS, and so that they are not frustrated.

  16. Same problem here since yesterday. I upload, but then the pictures do not display in my library or in the entries.

  17. bongocelebrity

    I guess I am experiencing the same problem.Images are uploaded fine but they are not visible in the post.

  18. I hate it when people just post a link without qualifying what the link is about. If you can't even write a few words about what is being redirected to, then you shouldn't post at all. Not to mention that someone else had already posted the exact same link just a few posts above, and that person did it correctly with a short description.

    All posts that contain nothing but links should be treated as SPAM.

  19. accidentalsexiness

    I agree with the poster above who said they should announce problems in the dashboard so we all know something is going on. It will keep people from wondering if something is wrong with their computer and that we just have to wait it out.

  20. This really sucks... if you have a text-based blog, you can impress readers by thoughts (duh!) but if you have a PHOTO BLOG and there are only captions to non-existent photos, I think you are entitled to say for yourself "F**k, Amazon".

  21. ACCIDENTALSEXINESS:: let's hope somebody reads this

  22. accidentalsexiness

    Hey czechdaily: they listened to us! They posted on Dashboard. It doesn't solve the problem but at least we "know" Yay!

  23. Since the thread is getting a bit long here is the link Broken Images again

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