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    You don’t have to use the small “Quick Post” box. The regular version is found by clicking the tack-icon on your dashboard:
    Posts -> Add New

    You might try clearing your browser cache and cookies. The upload problem you describe does not sound as if its related to the upgrade. If that does not help, then contact support.


    Previously, after i cut and paste the link address at “Image URL” column,it will give a green tick symbol meaning to say its alrite.Previously, i would just click “Insert into Post” button(without clicking “Link Image”)and the screen will refresh and brings me back to my edit post.

    But after the upgrading, once i click the “Insert into post” button.(even after i click “Link to Image”, (which i notice no difference code from Image URL)

    The screen wont bring me back to my edited post.And the green symbol tick mark next to Image URL,it seems to be gone.

    I still cant solved this issue.



    I’ve also been experiencing problems when using the add image button to upload PDFs to my blog entries. This has always worked fine before and worked once on Friday afternoon and now will only insert the name of the file with no active link. I’ve tried about 12 times as have some of my colleagues and we are all getting the same problem. We’ve also tried to add the file via the add media button, and it won’t work that way either – just the file name and no active link.


    Blog name: http://biolibinfo.wordpress.com/




    PDFs work the same as images, work the same as .doc files.



    Thanks. Ensuring that there’s actual content in the URL file box solved all my problems. It had obviously been doing it automatically before and I hadn’t noticed when it didn’t do it! All sorted now :o)


    I’m having the same issue as purplepaula. When I upload a pdf file it only inserts the name of the file but not an active link. I have done this hundreds of times before in the last year…
    Here is an example http://windsorforesthoa.com/2008/12/08/234/

    Help !


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    Take a peek at raincoaster’s comment above.



    @ panaghiotisadam and @ mtdewvirus

    Many thanks for your patience answering my question. Of course, I got it after reading your advice carefully.

    Falls ich nun vielleicht einem anderen deutschsprachigen Hilfesuchenden bei seinem Problem mit der Darstellung von Vorschaubildern behilflich sein kann – bitte gerne!


    I have tried several times over several days to upload an image from the browse file tab, but each time I try, I totally lose my internet connection. I am working from my wireless laptop with a Belkin router. Each time this happened, I had to go downstairs and re-set the router. I read the comment about clicking the URL file after uploading, but I can’t even get that far. As soon as I click the upload icon then browse, I find my image in my documents, click insert, then my internet goes out during the upload. Any suggestions for me? My blog is at http://kamaraskreations.wordpress.com/
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.



    I, too, am having trouble uploading photos today.

    WordPress seems to be uploading the photo but every time the upload gets interrupted due to HTTP error. Any thoughts on that? The problems stays the same even if I refresh the page.



    I have the same thing. http://dcairns.wordpress.com



    Yes, same here – yesterday I experienced no problem whatsoever uploading, today it gets stuck halfway and it says http error. Can’t figure out what happened, I didnt change anything, just continued where I left yesterday.


    I’m getting an “upload interrupted HTTP error” when I try to upload a .jpg file, using flash or browser upload.



    Me too. So i see that there are several users with the same problem. What the matter wordpress?



    Me too. So i see that there are several users with the same problem. What the matter wordpress?




    We’re currently working to resolve some server issues; I’ll post back here when we have a fix.

    Sorry for the troubles.


    Same interuption with the error while uploading photos. thx.



    The issue should now be resolved. If you still experience issues uploading files, please contact support.



    Yes, all is well. Have uploaded several photo’s since, and no problem. Thank you.



    All is well! Happy New Year, people…

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