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uploading photos from computer takes a long time to upload, is that normal?

  1. When uploading multiple photos in a gallery format it took almost an hour to upload 9 photos.
    I followed instructions from support site. Is there any secrets to speeding things up?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Slow uploads can be caused by any number of issues including a slow internet connection, large image file sizes because they have not been optimized, server loads, and the list goes on.

    Your problem is that you are uploading images that are very large and you need to optimize them before uploading them. The upper left image in your latest post is 4.7MB in file size. The one to the right of that is 6.5MB.

    What you need to do is to edit each of the photos before uploading them, optimize them so that they are around 75k in file size - or less - and then save them with a new file name so that you do not overwrite the original.

  3. I took the blue chairs image which is 6.5mb and took it down to 125k by doing the following:

    1. reduce image size proportionally to 800px in width
    2. saved it for use on the web at medium jpg quality at 72DPI

  4. Thank you for the reply, I should've realised that I had to treat them the same as photos sent by e-mail. It is all a learning curve....

  5. You're welcome. We are all always learning.

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