Uploading photos? It won’t let me!

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    I have been trying to upload photos for a week now and every single time I try the add an image thing opens up at the bottom right side of the screen and I can’t move it! So I can’t get to the button to get them to finish uploading! It is driving me crazy that I can’t get my pictures to post! HELP!

    The blog I need help with is gretam.wordpress.com.



    Hello there,
    Staff have been making backend adjustments and doing an upgrade and maintenance this weekend. Some members are having problems. In order to provide you with help this is the information that you must send to Staff directly:
    Every time support Staff deal with an issue they need to know:

    1. your browser
    2. your browser version
    3. your FULL blog address of the blog in question (not the blog name, the actual url that begins http:// Please note: there is no “www” in any wordpress.com url)
    4. your FULL username
    5. your role (Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor)
    6. the email address that you registered at wordpress.com with for the blog in question do not post this personal information to the forum
    7. and a very good description of the exact problem

    * I did:
    * I saw:
    * I expected:

    8. If the problem is with a specific page, post or image then Staff needs the url for whichever is in question.

    9. If the problem occurred when following instruction in support documentation then a link to it is helpful.

    Relying only on email and not having a ticketing system would simply result in Staff getting vague and sketchy descriptions, so they have to keep dragging out ALL of the relevant information by sending repeated emails to the you. Only then, can they can start examining solutions.


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