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Uploading photos via WordPress App

  1. I recently downloaded the WordPress app. I've uploaded photos from my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my wordpress account using the app. When I go to from my laptop, the photos aren't viewable. Their on the WordPress app, but not on the website. I find this annoying because now I have to upload them again, which makes part of the app pointless. Is there a way to fix this? A setting maybe?

  2. There has been a change to the post editor interface at and Staff are recommending that we bypass the New Dash in favor of posting directly on our sites at Dashboard > Posts > Add New.

    For image uploading please note the Staff response here

    There will be further new iterations of the post editor at and that is why the advice is to go to Dashboard > Post > Add New

    For inserting images see

    For image editing see here

  3. And yet none of this has anything to do with uploading photos via the WordPress app and being able to view them in my gallery through the WordPress website on Chrome.

  4. Okay then maybe you need to post to the specific forum for the app your use.

    The best place for WordPress iOS app support is here:

    If you have two-step setup, you need an application specific password to use the mobile app. You can set one of those up by logging into your site on a computer and going to:

    Here's the link for the android support forums
    But see here first

    If you don't have a username account at, click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post there.

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