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    I take pictures with my digital camera and save them to ‘My Pictures’ on my computer. When I upload them to my blog, I want them to appear as larger pictures on my Home page, not as small pictures which I can later finger into a larger view. How do I accomplish this? I see that others have uploaded some great pictures that are the size of regular printed photographs.

    When I upload my photos to wordpress the ‘thumbnail’ option is overstruck. I use the other two options to allow readers in my home page to see a larger view of the picture. But I want to post a larger picture right off, without having to finger a smaller one.

    Up to now I have been painstakingly trying to enlarge the small version of the uploaded picture by pulling it open from the edges of the photograph while it’s still in the editor. This often results in a distorted photograph.

    I hope I’m clear…How can I post larger pictures without distortion?




    I don’t have an answer for you, but an aside: note that you are limited to 25 MB total. Posting a few large images will quickly take you over the limit.



    Thanks for the info. I think I’ll stick with small photos.




    When I upload my photos to wordpress the ‘thumbnail’ option is overstruck.

    Thats because your uploaded pictures are nearly the same size of your thumbnails. WP is telling you that it’s basically not worth making thumbnails out of your uploads.

    How can I post larger pictures without distortion?

    Sounds like to me that your camera isn’t taking a large enough picture. You may want to check the setting on it. There’s no way to improve a picture in the way you’re trying to once it has been taking unless you have thousand dollar photo editing software or belong to the government.

    Good luck,

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