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Uploading pic onto text widget

  1. Is it possible to upload a pic of the book I am currently reading onto a 'text'
    widget. I have the pic in 'my pictures'

  2. You can see I added "What I'm reading" and "What I'm listening to." What next?

  3. you can click on the next blog link at the admin bar or the forum regulars to get more ideas on how to use text widgets. for me i have most popular posts and most commented posts along with currently reading.

  4. <img src="url of your photo">
    paste this code in your widget and you will get your image on your sidebar. If you want to add link to your image then paste following code

    [a href="url of your link"][img src="url of your photo"][/a]

    Just replace [ with <

  5. Sorry folks, either I don't understand the instructions or it just doesn't work. Any more ideas?

  6. misslion

    u have to paste the code inside the text widget thats all

  7. Look at my blog and tell me whats gone wrong!

  8. im lookin at it now...wait there

  9. is it at the left side of the blog under 'what im reading'?

  10. if u can go sign in with meebo
    ill be able to help u
    coz im in ur blog now
    and cant communicate wh u like this

  11. Don't place the url there that starts with http: . Put the code that starts with <a hrf= or <img src= . Do you have a Photobucket or Flickr account? But where ever you upload your images, place the code that they give you in the widget, close the widget, safe it, and wait a couple of minutes for it to appear on your main page. But you might have to resize your image. I don't put anything more than 200 pixels wide in my sidebar or else it will screw up everything.

    Also cut and save everything in your widget in case it doesn't go through the first time and you have to do it again.

  12. Thanks for your time. I've uploaded the pic onto my blog. Cant find the code. Bear with me.....

  13. I'm very tired but wont go to my bed till this is sorted. OK, I cant find an image code when I upload the pic with Flickr....

  14. misslion its easy, its just that u cant see it yet
    follow the code + add in url = paste in the widget

  15. After you upload your image at Flickr and save it and then click Save, click the picture agai where it's next to all your other pictures that you've uploaded. Then click All Sizes at the toolbar like here:

  16. I still can't do it. Am I right to put it into a 'text' widget? Flickr have given
    me two codes which are attached. I cant copy just one.

  17. [a href=""][img src=""][/a]

    In this code replace
    [ with <
    ] with >

  18. It still doesn't appear on my front page. Can someone please e-mail me with very simplified instructions. (Bearing in mind I'm no technohead and I have only been blogging since June !)
    [email redacted]

  19. Mission, might help us help you if you put specifically the code that you're trying to add in.

  20. Just paste this code in your widget and it must appear on your sidebar
    <img src="" />

    [Fixed to make it XML correct - drmike]

  21. The URL you copied there is for the page. You need to use the URL for the actual picture like shash does.

    Hope this helps,

  22. Got it! Its on the page at last! Now I need to put 'What I'm Listening to' on..... Can anyone help?

  23. Help! I'm losing the plot here!

  24. Bump!

  25. You are using the wrong URL. Just like Dr. Mike and sash said, you need to be using the URL for the picture, not the URL for the entire page.

    This is the URL for the picture:

    This is the URL you are trying to use, the URL for the page:

    This will never, repeat, NEVER work. You need to get the URL for the <b>picture</b> which you get by clicking on it once, then right clicking and choosing "Properties". This will give you a pop-up box that includes the URL. Copy it. Use it.

  26. Clicking View Image is another alternative. But I saw she has one of the pictures up already.

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