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Uploading picture option

  1. I am suddenly without the option to upload a picture on either a post or page. My current theme is Andreas09. I tried the other Andreas one and the same thing, still no option. Is anyone else having this problem? The only option I have is to insert using a link and that's not where my picture is.


  2. I'm assuming that you mean the form to upload is missing.

    It may be occuring for a number of reasons. Browser, browser version, OS and any security programs you may be running please.

  3. It was there yesterday and I haven't changed anything at all. Same browser IE, Version IE 7, OS XP and McAfee ISS 2006

  4. Did you run update on McAfee? It's been known to block it. Either whitelist within it or turn off the setting that blocks iframes.

  5. McAfee is up to date and like I said, nothing has changed from yesterday to today on my computer. I have made no changes at all. I've turned it off at night and then on around noon today. If I had made any changes or added a program I would assume it would have been that but since I have done nothing that is where the puzzle comes in.

    Has anyone else tried that theme to see if it works of for them?

  6. Theme wouldn't have anything to do with it.

  7. This was on the support page. I think this could be the problem.

    Site Maintenance - File Uploading
    This is currently disabled to allow some upgrading work.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and we will complete the work as quickly and as safely as we can.

  8. Would the above info about site maintenance explain why I'm having the problem or is that something different?

  9. I have no idea what support page you're looking at. I see the uploader fine and it just worked for me.

    I made my suggestion. if you don't want to listen to it, there's nothing else I can do.

  10. I'm terribly sorry and humbly apologize for asking the above question about the maintence which I saw at As for your suggestion about McAfee I don't know how to do that as I never changed it to begin with. I've been using this theme for quite a while with no problem and doing nothing. I'm new at this and that section has always been there and that is what has confused me.

    Again, please accept my apology

  11. FYI mcafee updates are all up to date

  12. Yes, what Dr. Mike is saying is, this might be the problem. Sometimes McAfee puts some code in that prevents that white box from showing up at all, because it reads it as some kind of virus loader or something. You should be able to change the settings and list as a trusted site, that should solve it.

  13. Well I have looked at McAfee, I have the Internet Security Suite and no where can I find a place where there is a list called white list and black list. There is a place to add and allow IP addresses but not the web address so I'm sorry I do not know where to add where you are asking me to. As I said before, I apologize for my ignorance I'm new at blogging let alone trying to understand everything all at once and since I had not had any problem before and have been using McAfee al along and keeping it all up to date I was and still am at a loss as to where to add to a white list.

    As of now, the uploading option is available and working so I don't know how it was fixed just glad to have it back.

  14. Well it didn't last long as I don't have that option again. Was nice while it lasted. I've had it ever since I've joined wordpress until yesterday so I guess I'm just venting as I'm frustrated trying to figure out why it has just started to come and go with no reason.

  15. Have you sent a Feedback in?

  16. Where do I do that? I have sent a request for support at I didn't know
    what else to do. :(

  17. Ok, I just sent a feedback, thanks. Now I guess I just sit and wait unable to work on the post that I was so trying to get out there. Sigh :(

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