uploading pictures to blog from my pictures. how to do?

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    I realize that I am only on novice; so I need things explained in simple terms;someone already said one should select the image URL and use Img button to include img src in writing colomn? I would like to know why I would need a Uniform Resorce Locator {URL} to locate pictures that are on my computer and not on the internet. are not URLs Inernet Addresses?



    Let’s see if I can explain this a bit better. Without knowing exactly what this “someone” is discussing, I’m not totally sure how to answer.

    To begin with, I’m going to take a leap here and assume that you’re a Windows user. If you’re not, please forgive me. (I’m assuming that due to the number of Windows users on the net, not to anything you have posted.)

    Fire up Windows Explorer and look along the top. See that bit that starts with ‘Address’ and shows you where on your harddrive you’re at? That’s a URL. :)

    I think that you’re thinking that visitors to your blog will be able to view pictures that you have stored on your home computer. That is not the case and it’s a big security risk to boot. For pictures to be shown, they need to be uploaded to the net in some manner. WP.com gives you space for the pictures.

    For a visitor’s browser to be able to see the pictures, you as the blogger have to tell the browser where they are. To do that, you use the img button and provide the URL where they can be found. If they’re sitting on your hard drive, they can’t be found.

    Hope this helps. If not, let us know.



    Yes I am a windows xp user; I am trying to upload a photo to my blog. http\maxamillion.wordpress.com The latest two intries in the blog displays a box with an x in it and the picture ID but no picture.When I try to post I left click on the insert icon at the top of the post subject box. I enter in the immage url C\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\ Then I enter Img0043\DSCN0598 in the image discription box While diong this a window appers that says there is a script error. Click yes/no Ive tryed both The window goes away and I click insert. This leaves me With an x on the post fourm andImg0043\DSCN0598 but no picture I have also tryed various combinations in the upload box below the post entry fourm I broused my photographs and compleated the file and title entries still nothing works.

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