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uploading television channels

  1. How can I upload television channels to the my blog live?

  2. Most video applications that have 'live streaming' require coding that doesn't work with blogs installed at for security reasons. You can use the current video options that we have to take a video that is created already and embed it (youtube, google video, video player, etc), but nothing to my knowledge that would allow you to put a player of live TV on.


  3. {waving to Trent}

    Have you checked this out? Kyte provides live video streaming, chat and comments, many people use it to create live shows.

  4. Thanks timethief! I was just assuming they wanted to embed a live TV broadcast of CNN or Treehouse on their blog and not create their own, but could be a bad assumption as they may not use ;)


  5. Granted that you're probably right but I thought it was worth a mention. ;)

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