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    I found a theme I like, how do I upload it to wp/themes so I can use it as a template?
    The theme i not one that is available in the “Presentation” selections. How do I get the one I downloaded to my desktop into wordpress? Anyone? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?


    Here at wordpress.com we cannot upload themes. Our only choices are those shown under presentation. You can, IF you have the experience, buy the CSS upgrade and modify the look of the themes here. Alternately you could hire someone to modify the CSS.



    You can also try to submit a feedback from your dashboard. Don’t forget to mention what theme you would like to see, your reasons why, and include a link in your feedback. :)


    Hi everyone! You know something I thought you could upload Themes found for wordpress.
    I also happen to be having trouble in doing so. If Alexcobain sees this, this question is for you, have you had success on uploading a new theme or getting feedback to put one up? Let me know, I am sure your reply will help others dealing with the same issues. Thanks, Discipuloshoy <– spanish translation of Disciplestoday



    … have you had success on uploading a new theme or getting feedback to put one up?

    Please trust thesacredpath and me when we say without doubt that we cannot upload themes at wordpress.com. This is a wordpress MU multi-user blogging platform. There is no ftp uploading here. WordPress.com runs on different software from wordpress.org.

    The themes you see for free downloading are for wordpress.org software. You can either hire a web host or host them on your own server but you cannot upload them into a wordpress.com blog.

    Many people have requested that many themes from wordpress.org be adpated to run on wordpress.com software. The process for making such a request to staff has been described above. During support hours you can use this link to make your request http://wordpress.com/contact-support/

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