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Uploading to

  1. Can't find the Plugins directory to upload the unzipped file: akismet.php

    Apparently no other posts to explain this simple problem.

  2. plug-ins, eh - okay you are in the wrong forum. You should be in In we do not use plug-ins.

  3. Akismet is the anti-spammer available in, which is where I learned about all this in an email FROM WordPress.COM, not WordPress.ORG.

    Perhaps you are right ORG is the place to be, but it doesn't look like it since Akismet was first introducted in COM.

    This original post was due to my confusion as to how to install Akismet. The instructions are not clear to me and they still are not clear.

  4. Tramaco

    Where do you you want to install Akismet?

    It's already enabled by default on all blogs.

    If you have a blog that's not on and don't have Akismet then I suggest that you upgrade to the latest full version of WordPress, downloadable from

    This will not only have Akismet built in, but also fixes some security holes and has funcionality changes which improve services.


  5. Thanks Collin for saying that a whole lot better than I did. I assumed too much. I assumed tramaco knew aksimet was already built into his blog and that he was looking for a download plug-in for another blog elsewhere. I should have visited his blog like I did this morning then I would have noticed he was brand new - oh well%)

  6. Thanks for all your help, guys!!

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