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Uploading .txt files

  1. Hey guys, would you mind free users to upload .txt files in addition to pictures? I don't see how .txt files could be harmful, and they surely would be helpful. Like for example, if you want to add info about your site to Alexa, you have to upload a .txt file they give you to your site so you can prove it's actually your site so they can approve the info you submitted. So yeah, it would be great if we could upload .txt files. Please? :-D


  2. I thought they were allowed.

    Gone to test.

    How does the Alexa uploading work? Can you tell them where you upload it at your site or does it have to be in the file root? If it's anywhere within the site, you should be able to upload it as a picture. If it's got to be root, that won't work as the root is shared among all the users and I don't think Matt and crew want 200K files in their root directory. :)

    edit: Got a link to where Alexa tells you to upload a *.txt file? Might help since I've used Alexa for quite some time and have never seen anything about uploading a *.txt file anywhere in their site.

    edit 2: Uploading of a *.txt file works fine. It's allowed and handles it just like a picture. document.txt

  3. W00t how'd you get it to work? I tried uploading it as a picture a couple of times, didn't work. Do I need to publish a post with the .txt file included in it after uploading it?


    [EDIT #1]
    Nevermind, I got it to work. Haha, I feel so stupid now. Thanks anyways!


    [EDIT #2]
    Oh WTF. Now Alexa is telling me it can't find the file. =\
    Here's the link, to see if you can help me:
    I think the problem has to do with WordPress's MIME-type settings, but I dunno.


    [EDIT #3]
    This is a random side-note: I just started messing around with my Widgets (for no reason at all) and ow I can't see the little widget that let me go straight to my admin stuff. You know the one I'm talking about? When you go to your blog and you're logged in? You see this little widget at the bottom of the right side-bar that lets you go into your admin-related stuff (Dashboard, etc, etc)? Yeah, can't see that anymore. Help?


  4. Won't work. Please read the page you're pointing me at. It's telling you to place it in the root of your site and we don't have access to that directory. That's where all of the WordPress files are located.

    Maybe we can get staff to just go ahead and place an empty info.txt file in there. i know with Google, it has to be differently named each time. Maybe they'll do it since it's just one file.

    Gone to send in a feedback.

    Still would like to know what program this is for though.


  5. Never mind. Won't work. Just noticed that the info.txt file has to have site specific information in it. Since we share the root directory and therefore the info.txt file, this won't work.

  6. Are you asking me what program this is for? Or just asking in general?

    And I know it says in the root folder, but I like tried to work my way around it by manipulating the "Go Fetch" link. Still doesn't work. Any idea why?


  7. Are you asking me what program this is for?

    Yes. One - it's polite to explain what you are trying to do. Two - It also helps me help you. Sort of like you saying "My car doesn't work" and that's all the information you give the machcanic. He or she then has to take the time to either get the information out of you or waste his or her time trying to figure out what is wrong.

    Still doesn't work. Any idea why?

    Can't answer that since I don't know what the program is and can't find the help files. Chances are though it's asking for it to be places in the root for a reason though. Helps determine the site's ownership.

  8. The .txt file is not for a program. It's just a method Alexa requires from a user that's trying to edit the info about a website so they can proof ownership. They give you two methods. One of them is placing that info.txt file containing the information about your site in your root folder, and the other method is to provide an e-mail where they can e-mail you to prove that you own the site. The catch about the e-mail method is that the e-mail's domain has to match the site's domain (e.g. the e-mail has to end with

    So yeah basically, I'm trying to root directory method, but since I can't upload files to the root directory, I'm trying to "hack" the method so it'll go looking for the .txt file where I uploaded it, instead of in the root folder.

    Get it now? Sorry if I didn't explain it well last time.

    [EDIT #1]
    Forget the edit #3 I made two posts ago. I just realized there's a link to my dashboard on the top left-corner of all pages when I'm logged in.

    These widgets things are cool, man. I'm gonna spend some more time finding out how they work. They seem really useful. Got any tips or links for me where I can learn how to "unlock the full potential" of these widgets? Is there like a section on widgets in the WordPress documentation?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Afraid not. I'm still trying to figure out what program or project or service of Alexa's you are trying to work with. I understand the need to upload this *.txt file but still am trying to figure out which program or project or service of Alexa's you are trying to work with. I deal with Alexa but have yet to find any requirement where one has to upload a *.txt file.

    Please point me at a webpage of Alexa's of the program or project or service that requires an upload. That way I can see what you are trying to do and maybe some help files.

    I'm looking at this which is what I usually work with when dealing with Alexa and see no need to upload a *.txt file for any of that.

  10. I'm just trying to update the info Alexa has about my blog. Right now Alexa has like literally no info about my blog. See here:

    So I was looking in Alexa to see if I could find a way to submit info about my blog so Alexa would update it, and I found this:

    In that link, I clicked on the Contact Information Editor and added all the info I wanted to add about my blog and submitted it. And then I ended up in that page I originally linked to that gives me two methods to prove my ownership over the blog.

    Is that better? Or you still don't get it?

    [EDIT #1]
    How often does the RSS Widget updates it's RSS feed?


  11. I got it.

    And I've got about 15 minutes before my bus.

    Let me add this to my todo list for tomorrow and I'll see what I can do. :)

    Do me a favor and just post to this thread so I won't miss it when I come back tomorrow since I will have the last post in this thread.


  12. back?


  13. Yup, let me hit this in a second. Gone to get some coffee. Going on hour nine. :)

  14. It looks like it's in the root only. I'll send in a comment to Alexa and see if we can get some assistance though.

    Um, I've got to say though that I'm real iffy on giving up personal data like this though. I can't see any reason why Alexa needs to know your real name, phone number and all that.

  15. Greets:

    If you're still reading this, please contact me off of the forums. Alexa has offered a workaround.

    (I'll go ahead and post a comment to your blog as well.)

    theapparatus ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

  16. And they've decided to delete their blog.

    Well that was a waste of time. :(

  17. I was wondering how I may solve the similar issue I've with Alexa. I'll probably email you at the email you've provided drmike, if you don't mind.

    Let me know what'd be most convenient for you.

  18. What can we update with Alexa? I thought we could only update the picture.

  19. They seemed to be willing to have folks contact them directly for assistance with a work around. You would have to make a Post with a provided code and then they would manually verify it.

    Nosy, Alexa has some system where you can register your website with them and allow people to lookup and see who the owner of the site is. A9 uses it as well and has proposed a standard on it's use. There's a WordPress plugin for generating the file as well. I don't know if it would work on WPMU though. Since Alexa wants to drop the file into the root directory, I kind of doubt it.

  20. I didn't even know what Alexa was but a friend of mine said I was listed there. But mine didn't have a picture. So I think I had to click this thing and they said the picture would be updated in 24 hours.

  21. Alexa and A9 is Their search engine is A9 and their "Data mining operation" (for lack of a better term) is Alexa.

  22. I found the reply and I'm going to post it here to get it out of my inbox:

    > Thank you for contacting Alexa Internet.
    > Right, we can see how the info.txt method would be problematic in this
    > circumstance.
    > So, as a workaround, you could send us a message with the URL of your
    > site, the information you would like to have us update, and a link to
    > somewhere on your site that our editors can visit to verify the
    > legitimacy of the request (somewhere that has your contact information
    > and lists this e-mail address, for example--to be sure nobody's trying
    > to change your information without permission), and we'd be happy to
    > make the changes manually.
    > For clarity, please use the info.txt format below. Also, you only need
    > fill in whatever information you'd like posted. (And in response to your
    > comment on the thread--we don't need to have any of it, save as a way to
    > provide as much information possible to our users, as a courtesy. But
    > you should only post that information which you're comfortable having
    > online and public.)
    > url:
    > site_owner:
    > address1:
    > address2:
    > city:
    > state:
    > country:
    > postal_code:
    > phone_number:
    > display_email:
    > site_name:
    > site_description:
    > We appreciate your interest in Alexa.
    > Best regards,
    > Alexa Internet Customer Service

  23. But isn't only all that personal information listed only when someone hosts their own site or whoever runs the company?

  24. Alexa runs a service I think where one can lookup the information for the website in question. It's a lot like a WHOIS lookup for a domain.

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