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Why is my video not uploading?

  1. I have just purchased the VideoPress upgrade. Following the directions to upload I get as far as browsing, then upload. Then nothing. All that appears on my screen for 15 minutes or more is 'sending request to I can get no further. Help please!!
    Blog url:

  2. How big of a file is this video?

    Try switching to the alternate version of the uploader (it sounds like you may be using the HTTP uploader right now?) and see if that helps:

  3. Thank you very much hewsuit:) My file is 77 mg. The only uploaders I can see are Browser or Flash uploaders. The Flash does not even recognise the file in my documents: the Browser does that OK but I can get no further than 'sending request erc etc'. I'm not very experienced or tecky but trying hard to learn so any and all help is really appreciated. Thanks.

  4. What's the file extension on the video file? Also, is the file on your local drive, or an external drive?

  5. You are going to think me madly ignorant, which I am! What is a file extension:)

    The file is loaded onto my laptop in 'my documents', then 'my videos'. It is 77mg. Thanks for being patient (in anticipation) and help.

  6. A file extension is the last three letters following the dot in the video's filename, so video.mp4, video.avi, video.mpg, etc.

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