Uploading Videos and Links for Sponsors

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    I need help to upload videos to my blog..do I need to upgrade first? If so, how much will it cost? Also, I need help to post sponsors to my blog and connect links…I would like to have a similar page and features as my friend.


    The blog I need help with is dianejourneyblog.wordpress.com.



    Sponsors? Are you aware that blogger-initiated advertising is banned here and will get your blog suspended?


    I was not aware….how can I upload videos?



    To upload videos directly to your blog, you will need both the videopress and the space upgrades. I generally recommend uploading them to YouTube and embedding from there instead. It gets you a wider audience.



    You can also upload videos to Vimeo and embed the link and play it on your blog – YouTube does have a bigger non-blog audience



    I just saw this post and I was planning on creating a website with a blog here (one of two), one of which is for an events business which will have sponsors… the sponsors are not sponsoring the website or the blog just the events so I would be putting their logo and a description of their business with a link to their website on the sponsor page. Is that ok? This would be entirely created by me not adverts embedded by sponsors or other companies. I would also be putting links to enable people to book onto the events which would link through to an Eventbrite site where they can book and pay (this would take them external to the wordpress site.



    That is almost certainly a problem. Contact staff at support at wordpress dot com for an authoritative answer.

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