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Uploading word files using WLW

  1. My blog is

    I want to reorganize my many pages by uploading files using WLW. It works with posts, but not with Word files or pdfs. When I upload a word or pdf file using one of the plugins, the published pag eon the blog is blank. When I copy the Word file and paste in in the new page screen, the page publishes OK but the formatting is all wrong: images are smaller, headings are lost, etc.

    I tried to paste a pdf into the screen, but nothing happened.

    I'm a newbie at WLW: it seems like a good idea, as long as I can do everything without too much fiddling and reformatting. The Word files are all formatted the way I want them, with images in line with text, captions, headings, etc.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress will automatically strip out all Word formatting when you paste directly. That is because Word is designed for print media, not for the web. Basically Word does not speak Web and it has and will break blogs, so to keep people from unintentionally breaking their blogs, wordpress strips out virtually all Word formatting.

    Have you tried the "paste from Word icon on the lower row of tools in the visual editor? It will generally try and keep as much formatting as it can (short of bringing in something that will break or mess up your blog.

    With WLW, my impression was that you could paste Word files into it and then WLW would convert everything over to actual HTML and take out all the junk. Have you tried that?

    As far as PDF's go, you can copy and paste using the "paste as plain text" icon in the lower tool bar. Again though it will strip out any coding since the internal coding on PDF's is NOT HTML.

    The following link contains information on all the different icons int he tool bar.

  3. Yes, I've tried the paste from word icon, but I had to reinsert all the images; it was quite a mess. I will try it again, and try the other suggestion you made. Thanks.

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