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uploading/getting pictures on site

  1. I have pictures in my "uploads" - how do I get them on my site?

  2. Have you read the FAQs on the subject?

  3. Yes, but it talks about uploading from scratch, and managing uploads, but I can't find where it says how to get the ones already uploaded on the site.

  4. The way understand what drmike and podz have told us is that our images are stored separately from our blogs. Although we can access them from our blog they are not in fact stored with our blogs. So I know this sounds odd but sometimes working backwards can be productive. It may be easier for you to get help with your pictures if you could explain what you want to achieve with the images like what you want the final result to be. Can you do that please?

  5. The pictures are artwork I have produced and I would like for them to be seen on my blog, similar to what's on

  6. Where is the artwork?
    (1) Are you uploading it from your hard drive on your computer? If so what is your operating system? Which browser and which verison number?
    (2) Or are you uploading it from a third party free hosting image site like flickr or photobucket?
    (3) What size are these pictures?
    (4) What theme are you using?
    (5) Are you using the instructions found in the FAQ's blog? These topics are covered in detail with illustrations in the FAQ's blog

    * How big can my images be?
    * Cutline and Images
    * How do I link to other pictures?
    * How do I upload pictures?

  7. I have already uploaded them, and they are in "uploads" in wordpress, but they do not appear on my blog site.

  8. I'm sure your feeling really frustrated - hang in there. This sounds like back end access for a fix is required so I recommend sending in a feedback to staff.

  9. Thanks,I'll do it. I'm obviously new at this, thanks for your suggetions.

  10. You're welcome and best wishes for a happy ending.

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