Can I import a saved site?

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    I have been using a wordpress based site for over a year and recently had a domain transferred to me. Beforehand, I downloaded a backup copy of the entire site to my desktop.

    How do I upload the site data? The entire folder is 70MB and is not in the wmx format that the general import tool requires.
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    Was the site WordPress based? What type of file is the export file you are wanting to import? We can sometimes import the file using another importer type.



    Apparently I’m missing something with the hosting. The domain is hosted with Godaddy and the transfer went through, the nameservers are pointed toward WordPress, but I’m not seeing the options (like “Upload a Theme”) I should be seeing. I think it’s still reading that it’s hosted at WordPress instead of Godaddy.


    Hi! Right now the domain is still pointed at If you are wanting to install custom themes on your GoDaddy hosting set up you will need to change the name servers to point to GoDaddy hosting.

    GoDaddy would be able to let you know what name servers to use and we have details about how to change them at:



    Thanks. I went onto GoDaddy and parked the domain there. I’ll give it a few hours and see if it works.

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