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    My upload insert media buttons have stopped working along with a few other interface items (widget area on the dashboard shows absolutely no response from clicks), I have searched all over the place for support regarding this but everything refers to to privately hosted wordpress blogs, I am using twenty-ten on wordpress.com not my own server so I cannot upgrade or alter plugins, I have tried using palemoon (primary browser), regular firefox, chrome, safari, and IE9 all with the same problem.
    Blog url: http://erasmusadventures.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is erasmusadventures.wordpress.com.



    mine is not working either, so you are not alone



    Same here. Does anyone know how to contact wordpress so they can fix this?



    I cant do anything extra in my dashboard…tag, add categories, etc



    i right clicked open in new tab and that worked to put an image in my gallery, but i cant get it into the post properly


    I had this issue, too…I ended up right-clicking on the add media button, in order to open it in a new tab. There, I could select all the files that I wanted and could click “save changes” but the “insert gallery” button still wouldn’t work. I saved my post again as a draft, and found advice in the gallery troubleshooting area of the support page. It said to add the following text to your post and save:


    It worked.


    yeh I noticed that, I can get the form open but not in the regular pop out window which means clicking “insert” does nothing, I contemplated trying to put everything in manually (uploading and using the url in an image code) but it’s just a pain and galleries can’t be used


    same here, and looking at the forum overview – nothing’s working! Clearly something’s up in WordPressLand..

    WORKAROUND for new posts:
    If you go to New Post on the top right of header (or whatever the grey strip is at the top!) just to the left of yuor name, it will take you to a new post area that will add photos


    [gallery] for me just provides an empty gallery holder, I can’t get an image into it and it doesn’t show up at all in preview



    ok. i was able to right click to upload and get a link and the code it into my post. would be nice to know when this will be fixed


    I’m having the same problem. I could only add an image by using the iPad app, and I can’t update my widgets. It’s driving me crazy. I hope they fix this problem soon.



    Same problem



    me too , what is the fix?



    I can’t move widgets around either…


    Please see the thread that ardpete linked for more information about your shared problem.



    No help found here.
    Hopefully we’ll be able to post properly soon.



    I wonder when they are going to get this fixed. This is such a huge issue.

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