Uplofile (image hosting) & WordPress.com

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    Hello :) Do you have ( @wordpress.com ) some problems with UPLOFILE(IMAGE HOSTING)because google gives zero result about that search right now, but my image-blog is quite euh… empty :-s Thanks by advance.

    The blog I need help with is lilmaouz.wordpress.com.


    I just tried the URL of one of your images, and browser says “could not connect to the server uplofile.free.fr”. That’s a problem with Uplofile, not WP. And that’s what you risk when uploading your images to an external host. Better upload them to your blog.



    Hello, panaghiotisadam! OK, then it’s an hoster prob… I’ll wait a little before doing anything else. Yes, I love to live dangerously :p Thanks a lot ;)



    It’s okay, now. Thanks again. Have a nice day :)


    Hi and you’re welcome! Yes, it might be a temporary problem, for instance site down for maintenance.


    PS The other problem with external hosting is slower loading time. If I were you, I would at least reduce the number of posts per page.

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