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Upper case extension for media

  1. Hi.
    I'm not positive this hasn't already been suggested - sorry if it's a duplicate. When using WordPress with a case-sensitive file system such as ext3 (I think that's the issue), I can't upload files of the format image.JPG. I haven't tried it with other file types, but I think the same problem occurs. It seems that because the uploader restricts file types to a few formats, it blocks all other files, even those of a format that is technically allowed. Of course, I can use a script to rename all my images, but it seems like I shouldn't have to do that, as they are jpegs. Thanks for the consideration.

  2. panaghiotisadam

  3. Dude, that's me!
    I know I already posted. Having received that answer, I thought that perhaps a fix was in order. Thanks for the attention, though.

  4. panaghiotisadam

    Sorry - didn't notice you posted that in the Ideas section.

  5. Just an update. The "Browser Uploader" works just fine, uploading *.jpg and *.JPG without complaint. So, it does seem to be a bug in the Flash uploader.

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