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uprade my blog ?

  1. i want to upgrade my blog to
    so :
    Domain Mapping - 25$
    Domain Registration - 5$
    Private Registration 8$
    total. 25$
    so this mean that i will pay every year 25$ only. NO months or anything on month ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Each upgrade except guided transfer is for one blog and for one year only at which time it must be renewed. There are no payment by the month upgrades offered here.

    Note: With the exception of the Guided Transfer, all upgrades are per year and per blog.

    Upgrades can be purchased from the Stores tab in your blog’s dashboard.

  3. i know sir
    just tell me. they will take only 25$ for year or they will take more ?
    i just select:
    Domain Mapping
    Domain Registration
    Private Registration

  4. What does is say here?

    Registering a domain through and mapping that domain to your blog costs $17.00 per domain, per blog, per year. For $8.00 more, you can also make the domain registration private.

  5. thank you
    i want to be sure ^^

  6. You're welcome.

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