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    In my blog http://manypathways.wordpress.com I am witnessing an annoying and concerning spontaneous underlining of text. This is affecting a post called “MOVE OVER SHAKIRA” and also my four text widgets. I have not used any html code to insert underlining in either the post or the text widgets but it keeps appearing and then disappearing. I strongly dislike this and am asking can staff enlighten me as to why this is happening and hopefully assure me that it will be removed, please. Thanks, in advance.

    Edit: I believe this “glitch” may be connected with the use of “smilies” because I just removed one (a wink ;) followed by a < /p> and the underlining disappeared. Or maybe not because now it’s back again … arrgghhh!



    I think Shakira hates being told like “MOVE OVER”. Hahaha.

    But is there a link from that image? I clicked on it and Sharika only “moved” to another window. I think you forgotten to closed the image link with with the “[/a]” ?



    or I think remove the < p > before the image. If you want to align them on the left insert the code like this:
    < a href= “http:// www. shakira” > <img src= “http:// “www. shakira . com align=”left” hspace=”2″ alt= “Shakira”. < /a>



    I really do appreciate you trying to help me. In this case I’m actually not at fault. I do know how to use a bit of html code [but don’t tell anyone, okay *lol*].
    In this case I actually do have a closing tag after the image in question. Also there is a “problem” with Pressrow when it comes to accepting alignment instructions for text wrapping around images which I posted in this forum thread yesterday http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=4317&replies=8#post-28129
    But now it seems I’ve also uncovered a “come and go insect” ie. a bug that creates spontaneous unwanted underlining in sidebar text widgets and in only some posts. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to live with it until the bug hunters track the little nasty down and eliminate it.
    P.S. Are those flat abs of yours an indication that you’re into Beladi too? Or have you just lost your belt? ;) *lol*




    Stop looking at that belly.



    There is at least one error that may be your one.

    A tip for bug reporting is not to prematurely generalize bugs. Be as specific as possible.

    Your article after SHAKIRA, “ME and FENG SHUI”
    has a open <u> before the http://www.webterrace.com/fengshui/

    That is why on the front page this runs into the SHAKIRA post.



    WOAH! What excellent spotting. I’m truly impressed. Thanks so much because I wouldn’t even have thought to look in the Feng Shui article as it was showing no underlines at all. I apprecaite you help and I will try not to see insects where there aren’t any. ;)

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