Urgent! Assistance needed. WEIRD behaviour in blog

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    Patience is sublime, but when nobody listens to give a helpful hand, then you have to speak up. Please, please, please, ‘please’, can anyone help me or at least explain me why does my blog have those tiny font sizes in some of the posts titles. And why three of my categories display a message of “Sorry… not found” when there are actually posts within it. All of these happened early last week when the support team was announcing their upgrade. I’m not sure if the upgrade’s still on, but today, I changed my theme to the Jentri theme and after I edited a post, the sidebar moved way below from its original place. I changed back the theme and back to Jentri to see if the problem could be solved, but nothing. This weird behaviour starts to bother me, but mostly because I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t think is something in my code. I checked my html in my posts and its fine. In fact, I don’t use code very much in WordPress. As I said, all this happened in the last week upgrading.
    I would appreciate a LOT some HELP.
    Impatiently yours.


    Well, maybe not code, but are you using graphics? Or long links? Either of those can cause sidebar borking.



    It *is* your code. You’ve got an open tag in your Febuary 23rd post.

    This is what it looks like:
    (I had to replace the pointy tags with boxy tags so the forum won’t eat them)

    [font size=”1″ /][/p]
    [p][font size=”1″]*Se necesita Quicktime 7[/font]

    See that? The first “font size” tag got closed, but not the second one.
    If you use the WYSIWYG editor, I’d reccommend feedbacking a bug report.

    edit: Ok, that explains the font smallness problems. I’ve got no idea whats going on with your sidebar. It looks fine to me…

    edit again: The sidebar stuff might be a problem with your resolution & the way the theme is coded. If your resolution/window size is not big enough, it will move the sidebar to the bottom of the page to save space. It’s just the way the theme’s css works. I’m guessing you are using Internet Explorer, right? It’s less of a problem in Firefox and even less so in Opera. (Yeah, yeah. Shameless plug for better browsers ;-) )


    frem…. try surrounding code with “backticks” – that oddball symbol found below the tilde on most windows keyboards…. (upper left-most key, just above the tab key….)



    The sidebar issue is a result of the VERY large image you have in the Feb 23 post (and maybe others I didn’t look)To be safe your images should be something less than about 450 px in width. Even that is variable and subject to each theme. The 450 or maybe 400px should be safe for most.

    The same would apply for any imgs placed in the sidebar itself. They would have to be less than about 200px or less dependent on the theme.

    If you use the WYSIWYG editor, I’d reccommend feedbacking a bug report.

    Better yet quit using that piece of sh*t it creates more problems than it solves.

    EDIT: Jeebus! The image I ref’d is 1024px wide! Doncha think that MAY cause a problem?



    Yeahp, that code slip was my fault. Mea culpa. Sorry. I don’t even know why I opened that tag, it wasn’t supposed to be there. And I think Doncha and Marc were superbly correct in your assumption that my unedited images were creating a total wreck in my page. I’ve learnt the lesson.
    Thank you again guys. But three categories of mine are still displaying: Not found, sorry. These cat are “cartas…, poder creativo and sonorofilia”. Any help?



    may be you dont have any posts in that category ?



    Original question states that there ARE posts in the categories, and several other people lately have been complaining that their cats aren’t showing up. Best thing to do is send a feedback, pester the admins direct ;)


    There’s a post somewhere I saw that had some info about “fixing” this (case-by-case basis prob’ly….) Can’t find it – posts here are being wonky for me for some reason, and not sure what it said – change the theme to something else then back, maybe?

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