URGENT Charity blog needs design theme help!!

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    I really hope someone can help me. I’m trying to develop a blog site for a charity, I’m up against the clock and I can’t get my head around CSS at all!
    I’m currently working with Ocean Mist theme but it just looks really basic and I’ve been asked to add campaign banners and all sorts of fancy things to it but I can’t get it to look any better than a High School IT project that the moment!

    PLEASE HELP, this is an amazing charity run by fab people and I want to help them, I hope you can too.


    The blog I need help with is ssrobin.wordpress.com.



    I’ve been asked to add campaign banners and all sorts of fancy things
    It appears to me that wordpress.com is not the best choice for your project. While some amazing things are possible with proper knowledge of CSS, I fear you may be in over your head with this one, especially since you are racing against the clock.



    Thank you, I do hope this isn’t an impossible task. Anyone got any suggestions as to how to ‘pimp my blog’ easily, perhaps can suggest the easiest to theme to start with in terms of layout to build upon?


    If you don’t know how to deal with CSS, then just pick one of the selected themes. And what’s important is the charity and not what the blog looks like. You can put all the banners in a text widget. They can’t be placed on the top or bottom headers though. Just go the where all the themes are. And under Browse Themes, click A-Z and quickly preview all the themes that are here.

    You cannot profit with WordPress.com blogs. But you can place banners and buttons for legitimate charities.



    There are innumerable tips on blog exposure, design and optimization at:


    WordPress.com LOVES having nonprofit blogs on their system, so don’t worry about the revenue violating Terms of Service.

    If you want to start from scratch and know what you want to do, maybe starting with Sandbox, which has completely wide-open CSS, is your best choice. But my advice is to launch the site with an out-of-the-box standard WordPress theme with a custom header and custom domain name and worry about the bells and whistles later. Better a solid, functional and attractive standard theme than a half-baked custom one.



    Thanks for the support, really useful. Slowly getting there with CSS by late nights and trial and error!

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