Urgent expired domain renewal

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    I have tried to renew my domain myself, but was directed to contact support via their email web form. I have sent two web form emails over the past few days and haven’t heard back. I am urgently trying to get my expired domain renewed. Any suggestions on how to expiation this process?

    The blog I need help with is mrfixitco.com.



    Someone has flagged this for staff attention to help you

    Your domain name has been expired for a while and is in redemption – that requires staff assistance



    Thanks for the reply.

    WordPress support-A little help please?



    Your domain has expired and is currently in redemption. I sent you an email to the address associated with your WordPress.com account listing the recovery options. Please read and respond to that email when convenient, thanks!


    My domain has also expired and I need support on renewing; also not receiving any incoming email messsages. I was directed to contact support and have sent two emails, so just thought I would post here and hopefully get quick response! Any advice and instruction would be greatly appreciated. The website is http://www.dancegtp.com unsername dancegetthepointe

    Thank you.


    instructions/assistance can be sent to my alternate email address (email redacted)



    @dancegetthepointe: I found the messages you sent earlier, sorry for our delay in getting back to you. I emailed you the instructions for redeeming your domain; please respond whenever convenient.

    For anyone else looking to renew an expired domain, please head over to http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ and create a new support request. If you’ve posted in the forums (to avoid confusion, please start a new forum thread rather than posting on someone else’s), please add “modlook” in the tags and one of us Happiness Engineers will be over to assist you.

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