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Urgent - Header Trouble in Black Letterhead Theme

  1. I set up a blog in wordpress using Black Letterhead theme ( In design mode it allowed me to add an image in the header and change title color from orange to black. I now have a site thru Host Papa ( When I uploaded the theme into my wp-content file and imported my wordpress blog into Host Papa Cpanel, i lost the custom image header, the title is again in orange. When I go into design mode, the option to customize the header is no longer available. The image itself imported to my image gallery but that's it. What do I do? I'm no HTML/CSS expert. I've looked at the header.php and CSS scripts but I don't know what I should try and change...its all greek to me.

    Anyone out there able to explain my solution in straight forward steps?

    Any interested super heroes to my dilemma can look at both my sites listed above and see what i'm talking about.

  2. If you had searched the forums you would have found that the custom image header can not be uploaded that way when you have CSS. You must upload your image and put the link into your CSS. You should search "custom image header" to find the detailed steps of adding your header.

  3. You will need to ask over at WordPress.ORG, as that's an external blog and it works differently from those here. The .ORG forum is where those sites are supported.

  4. Oh, I thought it was a blog because the first link she provided was a .com link. Nevermind, head over to the .org forum :)

  5. Black Letterhead IS IS IS a theme ( It may be on also, but that's not where I got it. As I said, in in design mode you can select to customize color of title AND add an image. When I added the theme to my hostpapa domain ( it no longer gave me the option to do either (host papa supports wordpress and i log into wordpress from my domain to post and edit, etc.).

    Lizii, thank you. I will search "custom image header" in the forums.

  6. None of that information will help you if you attempt to apply it to your blog that is not hosted at You need to read this:

  7. is not hosted here. Head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support as others have said.

  8. Thanks for everyone's fast responses! I'll mosey on over to the .org site.

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