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    My wife (userid Erin2012) is locked out of her blog..
    She changed her password 3 days ago but forgot to write it down.
    Now she cannot get into her blog for the last several days.
    For some reason, WordPress is not sending her a reset link to her email address, which is [email redacted]
    For some reason, the account recovery process is also not responding to her submission of required private information such as activation number and transaction ids.
    She needs help urgently. Please respond to her directly. Thank you. It is crucial that she immediately be able to post to her blog, for business related reasons. Thank you.

  2. Have her look in her email Spam folder. They often go there.

  3. thank you for the suggestion. Erin has been looking in her spam folder in her regular email address that she uses for the blog and her business -- nothing in the last 48 hrs. what is frustrating about this is that we are doing exactly what WP says to do for proving she is who she says she is (supplying activation key, transaction ID when we did the DNS changes, etc, ) and there seems to be no one there at WordPress. no emails coming back, no tel number to call.... just polite but amorphous canned generic replies when we fill out the forms... WP seems to be volunteer organization that may or may not be able to help in a responsive fashion for a very specific and urgent problem. my wife has been blogging for 2 years at WP (and paying for it) ... she gets significant traffic, and now she has been unable to access her blog... and there seems to be no one home at WP who can help. it is intensely frustrating if not downright annoying, since this could not have happened at a more critical time, and she never set up the secret email new post thing that might have temporarily solved the problem.

  4. I have flagged this for staff. And for the love of all that is holy, don't enable Post By Email. Once hackers get into your email (which is a lot more common than them getting into your account) they can post all the spam they want.

    Just hang tight and staff will respond.

  5. many thanks raincoaster for helping with this.

  6. Several days have now gone by, and WordPress still has not responded in any way at my wife's repeated attempts to reset her password or recover her account. This arrogant, ill-mannered lack of interest in her plight defies comprehension. She pays to have a custom URL and her blog has been active for over 2 years and is popular in her industry space. Is this any way to treat a customer. Why is the WordPress technical help staff refusing to contact a paying customer who is urgently seeking custromer support? This gross negligence is simply outrageous. Is it that difficult for a great technical giant like WordPress to send my wife's email account a password reset link? What is going on here???????

  7. I'm sorry to hear that your wife is having trouble. However, your best bet is to try the account recovery process here:

    Due to the private nature of information required for account recovery and the public nature of these forums, we cannot help with account recovery here.

  8. rootjosh

    that you for this suggestion. In fact, we have followed this suggestion 3 days ago, exactly as outlined. My wife has sent the transaction ID that WP gave her for the DNS domain mapping, as well as the activation key. There has been no official response whatsover for five days from WP. They simply refuse to email her any information whatsover, including a reset link (though she has requested this multiple times through the usual automatic process). Her email being erin at needlepointland dot com (this is public info on her blog). Yes we have looked in her spam folders in her email account. nothing from WP. So finally in desperation she tried to start a new blog, on W, and remap the URL (needlepoint land) that she owns, but wordpress gives this message when we tried to specificy domain mapping (that we already paid for):

    "The domain name you entered does not appear to be valid."

    So the net net of this is that my wife cannot move forward in terms of regaining contrail of her URL. She cannot access her blog. She cannot change DNS mapping. And all this is coming at a crucial time in her business. It defies explaination as to why it is so difficult for someone from WP to have the courtesy to email my wife to help with this drastic problem. The very least WP can do is for someone to ask her via email if she want to reset her ID. Why is this so difficult?

    However, I thank you rootjosh for your suggestion, although it is the first thing we did. There is obviously some horrible bug in the WP reactivation process. Why my wife should be ensared in this trap and be given opaque messages to try a process that does not work is beyond me. But again, thanks for looking into this.

    I honestly do not know what to do next, as it seems that we are unable to moving except by moving to another blogging platform, and repointing the DNS files there. I do not even know if this would work, or if WP is going to hold my wife's URL hostage till Jan 2015.

  9. The account recovery team works through those requests in the order they are received. I've pinged them to make sure that yours hasn't been lost in the pile somehow.

    I'm really sorry to hear about all the trouble you are experiencing. I'm sure that is completely frustrating.

  10. (though she has requested this multiple times through the usual automatic process).

    It is my understanding that each time an email or request is made for the same account it resets the time stamp to the most recent time, so your wife's request will always seem to be a very new request and will never age enough for a staff member to see it. Please send the request once then be patient

  11. the issue is now resolved. many thx to everyone who helped straighten this out. and sorry if i sounded annoyed or came off as being rude but it's all good again. thx!

  12. I'm very happy to hear that!

  13. I'm brand new but I have more than 20 posts and I do not want to lose them. All of a sudden it flashed and I was locked out. I now have to get a security code everytime I log in. This is crazy. I have my 8 log in numbers but I do not know who to send it to. It said to send it on my phone. But who to?

  14. a) don't hijack threads on completely unrelated issues

    b) did you enable 2-factor authentication? If you don't understand how to use it you should disable it.

  15. I would look into the link that raincoaster posted above. It sounds like you have two-step enabled.

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