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    Someone from a blogger blog is giving negative propaganda to my blog. Is there some way I can disable the link in his blog from leading to my blog? Should I report him through blogger?



    Not with the set up we have here.

    Report him for what? You could probably take them to court for libel but that’s about it and you would have to prove your case instead of them having to prove theirs.

    And I get a good amount of my traffic (about 15%) on my webcomic via “negative propaganda.”

    What you could do if I make the suggestion is figure out where those folks are landing on your blog if those folks are pointing at a specific post and stick in a statment explaining your point of view.

    Another thing you may want to think about is that the other blog may have a point as to what they are doing.

    Good luck,



    Welcome to the internet. If you choose to be online in the form of a blog you can expect others to be critical of what you write.

    As long as it’s not slanderous or doesn’t meet the legal criteria for libel there is very little you can do.



    Actually that’s not entirely true. National laws still do apply. But since the Blogger site is in the US, it would probably fall with US law.

    A simple example of this would be with the eBay and Yahoo auction sites and the trouble they got into with offering Nazi artifects in the past. Germany didn’t think much of it although they could only go after the servers that they had located in Germany.



    marc – both slander and libel are defamation. The differences between the two is that (1) “slander” is spoken (verbal) and (2) “libel” is written.

    (3) To pove slander you must be able to prove it was stated over and over again. (4) To prove libel you need only prove that it was published once.

    drmike is absolutely correct about jurisdiction. The jurisdiction that applies is dependent on the country where the company is registered and to a lesser extent the companies where it operates.

    Sadly, it costs a small fortune to undertake succesful prosecution of libel cases and whatever awards the courts may give, well, the majority goes to the lawyers.

    IMO risenphoet should follow drmike’s advice. If someone is sending folks to your blog via a link where defamatory statements maliciously attacking your character are being made about you, then put up a very prominent posting that states with clarity your position on the matter.

    After all you have nothing to lose by doing so and it may make feel a whole lot better.:)



    This week I heard about this guy that made one comment on a person’s blog and that person didn’t like the comment. That ass then hacked this guy’s computer. And because of this, I just for the first time downloaded a firewall the other day. Some of the craziest people I’ve known have been on the internet.



    You’re not kidding about crazy poeple. IMO entering the blogosphere is like parachuting into a jungle where the mean, nasty and under-handed low life are unchecked and the rules of civilzed behaviour are non-existent.



    And again, do note that people visiting your blog may be able to see what is going on for themselves. My advice would be to write a fairly simple statment explaining your side of the story and post it where those folks are landing on your site.



    Laws do still apply – but hey, we are just bloggers :)

    Blogger says famous toothy grinning jump on sofa star is gay, no-one cares. NO newspaper / magazine / TV show would dare say that. Why sue a blogger? No point.

    And as for Blogger? If they had feedback answered as fast and well as it is here, complain. But they don’t. Takes them a lot longer.


    Funny this: I haven’t seen any of these crazy people yet. Perhaps I just write nice stuff all the time?

    Seriously though – and altough this isn’t support related, it might be a tip – I see a lot of blog posts that just scream “I’m angry and I want to kick someone’s backside”. Perhaps I’m the reed that bends in the wind or I just don’t care, but I can understand people becoming excited. And if you post rough, be prepared to play rough afterwards.

    Mind you, I’m not sure what happened here, so don’t see this as a negation of risenphoenix’s problems. And propaganda, by the way, is continous, systematic spreading of a doctrine on a massive scale, so I dare assume it was simply criticism in this case.



    The craziest, psychotic, criminal, and bending on Sybil type personalities I met all at IMDB. Then alot of them follow me here. I always wonder if these people act like this to their real life family friends or just like this through a computer. I knew this one woman that finally got the police involved and tracked the guy to his work computer.



    nodependnologo – I think what you’re saying is right on. If you provoke flaming you will be flamed so leave the matches in the drawer.
    I don’t know the facts that were behind the situation that began this thread only the concerned party does, but I do think drmike’s advice is sound. If someone beats you up and sends people to your blog via a link, it makes sense to post your side of the story on your blog.
    nosy is referring to something else we have both experienced. When I was at Blogger writing straight up non confrontational stuff I met someone online that I truly think was straightjacket material. Although “it” changed email addresses frequently I could readliy distinguish “it” by writing style and by identical grammatical and spelling errors, which is not to mention tenor, tone and repitive phraseology. Unfortunately that party moved here after I did. “It” took another name and then the threatening emails began again in full force. I admit I was upset at first but since then I’ve calmed down a lot. I think there are bona fide “disordered” souls out there and that some of them are cyber stalkers who keep changing email addresses and catching you by surprise. I think the best way to handle a cyber stalker (which is what nosy is describing) is to treat them as you would treat any troll.
    As for people who have differences of opinions with you and act like cowards by raging against you using obscene language on their own blog, claiming to be experienced bloggers, and yet refusing to post your comments submitted in rebuttal, well, I’ve experienced this right here at WP too. Granted they’re another kettle of fish but just like any fish that doesn’t get the deep freeze right away, they smell so bad after 3 days that others within smelling range catch wind of them too and toss them into the trashbin.

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