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    i’ve created a blog in wordpress called. i’ve somehow managed to change the wordpress URL address in the site to treespeech.com which seems to have pulled the site apart, preventing it from picking up any of the CSS code?

    Can anyone advise me on how to correct this, as i currently can’t access this option due to the following warning ‘Sorry, you need to enable sending referrers for this feature to work’.

    as i mentioned this is incredibly urgent, so any help would be much appreciated. if you could contact me and help me resolve this i’d be more than happy to pay you for your efforts.




    Unless your blog ends with .wordpress.com we can’t help here

    You need to post to http://wordpress.org/support
    A better title will help there – something like “Broken url”



    No need to pay, two things to try:

    1. Turn off any firewalls you have (temporarily) and try it again.

    2. Google for ‘Sorry, you need to enable sending referrers for this feature to work’. It’s a well known error with an easy fix for IE and Firefox.

    If you still can’t get it to work then contact podz by emailing support@wordpress.com and he will be able to sort it for you.

    Good luck!


    EDIT: Ok, Podz is here already – damn the phone for ringing!

    Podz – I think he’s talking about the newly created blog at wp.com. ??? shrugs…



    hi there, just realised i deleted some of my original e-mail…the blog is a wordpress.com blog. the actual name of the registered blog is ‘nameofhubtbc’ @ wordpress. can’t seem to access it, or change the settings? i’ve got it pointed to http://www.threespeech.com.

    will give it a go.

    thanks cornell!



    OK, I’m lost. Which blog are you pointing to?


    or threespeech.com?

    threespeech.com is *NOT* pointing to nameofhubtbc.wordpress.com and are two completely different sites.

    If you need help with nameofhubtbc, you’re in the right place. If it’s threespeech.com, and a quick looksee shows it has issues, then you need to be over at wordpress.org. The software is different and our answers will be different depending on the site so please keep that in mind.

    But, before you post again, please read this FAQ as we need more details to help.

    No matter which forum you post in, please reply with answers to those questions.

    Hope this helps,

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