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URGENT !!! how to have a post in a page ?

  1. I need URGENT help !

    I am trying to have a post inserted in a page just like the Imbalance 2 theme website

    could you please tell me how this is done ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you mean the links at the top of the frontpage/homepage in the center column of the navigation menu? Those are category links and you create them using a Custom Menu.

    Go here and type "custom menu" in the search box.

  3. Why is this urgent?

  4. @ justjennifer : thank you for your reply. I will look into this and get back . i am sure i will need your help. thank you again

  5. @raincoaster : we have just won a major architectural competition. the authorities want to see our work. since our website is under construction, i thought it would be best to have a blog in the mean time.they want it ready by next week.

  6. The average response time in this forum is less than five minutes. A week is not even an issue.

  7. @justjennifer : i tried looking into the ink you sent and looked for custom menus . I looked into ( Adding Category Pages).
    I am still unable to solve the problem.I have selected each post and added a category to this. You can have a look here.

    Could you please help me as to where am I getting it wrong. thanks

  8. You have to add more than one category. Then all the posts from your Nuts category will go to and all the ones from your Bolts category will go to etc etc.

    Note that all your posts will always show on your main blog page, but you can make that less prominent or even leave it off the Custom Menu entirely.

  9. @raincoaster : thanks !

    i am now able to have post assigned to each menu / page.

    you can have a look here ...

    Now all architecture projects, urban design and research are clubbed together. It works well ! Once I enter architecture category ...i see this heading Category Archives : Architecture .... do you know how could i remove the 'CATEGORY ARCHIVES' heading ?


  10. just like how it looks here

    once you click on Graphic Design ....the heading is just Graphic Design

  11. I'm afraid I'm not sure. Someone who works with custom menus will answer, I'm sure.

  12. thanks !

  13. It doesn't have anything to do with the Custom Menu. In order to remove those Category or Archive headings, you would need the Custom Design upgrade to hide their display.

  14. @justjennifer. thanks ! i thought it would be possible in this free theme as shown in the demo.

  15. The demo you linked to is the version for self-hosted blogs; the version is different. And you can't remove that extra phrase in the heading. You can see if a different theme would do for you - see here:

  16. @justpi, thanks yet again for the clarification. So in which themes is it possible to hide the category/archives headers with the Custom Design/CSS upgrade?

  17. I guess I confused you instead of clarifying things!
    a) Hiding the whole category heading is possible in any theme if you have the upgrade.
    b) But the OP doesn't want that; what they want is, say, "Architecture" instead of "Category Archives : Architecture". I don't know if you can remove that part of the heading only (via CSS editing) - Rich can tell us.
    c) But since the OP doesn't have the upgrade, I suggested they look for a theme that displays category headings the way they want them.

  18. I had forgotten that some displayed it differently. Thanks.

  19. thanks everyone ! it was all very useful :)

  20. hello everyone who have been of tremendous help, i have another query to ask and it would be great if you could say something about it

    helloi woudl like to know how to remove the links to next post and previous post ?

    im using default theme form imbalance 2 ( free version)

    when i visit one of my entries, the links of next post and previous post are at the top of the entry title, i dont like it this way, i think it confuses people instead of guiding them, how do i remove it?
    here is a link to my site

  21. You would need the Custom CSS upgrade to do that.

  22. thanks everyone again :)

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