URGENT-No one can follow blogs since upgrades

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    I have contacted WP support themselves about this as this is a very serious problem.

    A month ago twice I tried to follow a couple of blogs that had simply lost the .wordpress.com part and got a message from WP saying “I must give a valid email address”. I used the email add I signed up with! and then used my other add and that still didn’t work!

    Now that I have upgraded myself, NO-ONE can now follow me either! My friend tried to subscribe and the same problem.

    I have both the follow blog widget and the follow tab and I have followed every step WP has offered and have even contacted them.

    Has anybody else had this problem? Or aware of it?

    Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is mybyeworld.com.


    sorry, forgot aagin:






    When is “now”??? When did you upgrade? I just know that the day before yesterday I had a lot of readers, and yesterday AND today the are all gone. Don’t know why.




    I just followed your blog right now without any issue. Who is this “NO-ONE” you speak of?

    Have they tried clearing their browser’s cookies and cache?



    Hi, I just checked and have had 2 followers fine, but I really have been having problems trying to follow 2 blogs myself.

    Then when my friend tried to follow mine, she couldn’t get cleared in the same way.

    Why is the message saying “You have not entered a valid email address”?

    But it seems that it was easily done to follow someone before the wordpress.com part was removed

    I only upgraded yesterday maggie.

    Macmanx-have you heard of this problem before??? or am I just the first to report it?



    It sounds like you’re the first to report. At this point, all I can say is that maybe a valid email address isn’t being entered.

    Have you tried following after Logging in to WordPress.com? It won’t ask for an email address, you’ll just see a button to instantly follow the blog.


    Both my email addresses are valid. One of them is the email I used to set up my blog here at WP and the one I use for all my subscriptions to blogs.

    It only happens on blogs that have lost the wordprss.com part and there is no button or the top bar only a tab at the bottom right where I’m asked to enter my email.

    This just makes it hard and I am worried for my own blog since the upgrade.

    When you tested my follow,was there a top bar above my blog? because I don’t see it when I view my blog or the other two in question.


    This is the message that I receive:

    “Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.”

    …this appears on the “Blogs I Follow” page and directly shows underneath the email address I get my subscriptions to! So I am using my regular email address and trying another.

    Something is just not right.


    Ok I think I know what the problem is.

    I just used a different browser to sign up to the blogs I mentioned, and I was able to. My friend did the same and was able to follow mine.

    We both normally use Mozilla Firefox who it seems is not letting the follows I have been talking about. But we both switched to Internet Explorer as an experiment and was able to sign up without any problems.

    I think it is a Browser incompatability that is the problem.

    Should I contact Mozilla Firefox about this?
    Should I contact WordPress about this?

    If so, any ideas on how best to go about this?



    Contact staff via your dashboard Help button and tell them, giving a link to this thread as well. They will need to know this. Lots of browser issues going around recently.



    Which version of Firefox were you using?


    I am using the most recent-9 even though there is a 10 out, but….

    I have installed and switched my default browser to Chrome and it has magically fixed the problem! I even have the WordPress bar at the top of my blog without just the unuseable Follow tab in he bottom right.

    Definite browser issues…

    Mozilla Firefox have been updating regularly recently and WordPress is just not compatible with it.

    @raincoaster…I will most certainly do that as Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser and it was actually WordPress that alerted me in the dashboard to update my Firefox.and it clearly does not work.




    I don’t have any problems with Firefox 9.0.1 myself, and Firefox 10 is still in the beta (testing) phase.

    Can you please check with all of your add-ons disabled?


    All is well. Firefox was reinstalled with only a few add-ons added and it is working fine now. Great idea-it must have been the add-ons!

    I think this one is sorted now. My friend tested it no problem and I tested the sites in particular and no problem again.

    Thank you everybody for your help and advice. The computer world?…can get trying at times figuring it all out and coming up against new problems surfacing, but still the best thing ever!

    Thank you all so much again, Imogen :-)

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