URGENT: pdf still visible after deleting

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    I have deleted on the blog in question every post, every page, every media file. Yet a pdf file is still visible in Google and appears upon clicking the URL:
    I have also deleted all temporary internet files.
    Can someone please explain this embarrassing breach of privacy?

    The blog I need help with is um2010.wordpress.com.



    Your blog is a private blog so we cannot go and look. I see you have cleared your internet cache. Are you accessing the site through a proxy server? some ove these also provide caching.


    No proxy server at all.



    Sign OUT of WordPress.com. Then click on that URL. You will see that you are denied access to it.



    Just to clarify the situation:

    • I assume that you know that your blog is private and that only authorised people can access it.
    • You have delete the file and you don’t want anybody to see it, even athorised users of the blog
    • They are still seeing the file even after you removed it.

    Is this correct?


    @um2010 When I load the URL you link above directly I see a 404 page, the file that’s hosted on WordPress.com is no longer accessible.

    However, this is not to say that Google does not have a cached copy of it. You mentioned that you found the link through a visible Google search. If you use a browser that you don’t normally use (Safari, Firefox, and Chrome are all options) does the file load if you just click that link directly and not loading it through Google?


    I tried that. Even if I am signed out, the pdf shows up.
    Private or not, if one clicks on the above mentioned URL
    it shows up, ALBEIT I have deleted it (and any other media file).
    The Google URL is not cached.

    I think there is only one explanation: WP has not actually deleted the file.
    I can still see it, after cleaning all temp files on my machine (Windows and temp Internet).
    It also shows up when I use a browser I normally do not use (Chrome).
    I use Firefox.
    I cannot delete the entire blog, because I need it for domain management at this point in time.

    What now?



    Is it in your Trash? If so then locate it and click “permanently delete”.



    I can assure you that I cannot see it, when I look at the link I get 404 — File not found.



    When I click the link I can open and read the PDF file.


    @ timethief No it’s not in my trash either.
    You can see and open it. See?
    Why would anybody be able to access a DELETED file in WP??



    I don’t know. :(



    To keep things running quickly around here, files are held in multiple caches through a separate system.

    These caches are always cleared within 3 days, and in this case it looks like one instance of this file on just one of caches was holding on until the very end (which is why some folks could see it, but others couldn’t). I have purged it from the system.



    Yay! The solution has been found. :)



    Oh no — I can still access the PDF :(


    @macmanx File is gone. Thanks! Problem solved. And thx to all who tried to help. Much appreciated.



    @um2010, you’re welcome!

    @timethief, it’s definitely gone from out system. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

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