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URGENT! Unwanted words under my sidebar.

  1. cowgirl4christ15

    So I was editing my Twenty Twelve template(I am new to this) and obviously added something somewhere it wasn't supposed to go. If you look at my site under the sidebar there a words there that I can't find and remove :(
    Also under a few of my post there are spaces that shouldn't be there.. How can I fix this? I am new to most of this here and can't figure out how to fix it. I was trying to add a footer& a header widget on my site when I messed it up, I believe that is when I did it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site you are asking about does not seem to be hosted on WordPress.COM so you need to make friends over at WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using.

    This site is for support of sites hosted on WordPress.COM. You should address your questions to WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using:

    The forum at WordPress.ORG is not connected to WordPress.COM so you will need to open an account at .ORG if you do not already have one. You may use the same email at WordPress.ORG as you do at WordPress.COM.

    For more on the difference:

  3. Duplicate see:

    Note to staff - I did not post the answer in the second post in this thread - that was auto copied by the forum into here - also the main forum page does not show this as having any posts other than the OP post

  4. cowgirl4christ15

    Okay thanks I wasn't sure where to post my question. When I am on my site I clicked the forum button and it sent me here.

  5. Yet another note to the staff - the two thread are duplicates - down to the Post Title - so when one is deleted or closed probably the other one will be closed also

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