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    Hi, this has been a troublesome experience. My website https://www.ledlighten.com.au is proving a Not Secure message. As there is no easy way to contact you or create my own solution, I just need help getting this fixed asap because my customers come here for sales and at the moment they are quite deterred. I have seen this posted before but it is difficult to try and contribute. Please advise what must be done.



    Good Evening

    I did a Whois.net look up and the registrar is synergywholesale.com
    I recommend contacting them about this site.

    The forum is only for wordpress.com sites. For further assistance, I recommend posting in the wordpress.org forum.




    Hi, yeah, and I’m actually having the same problem – in Google Chrome only – with my blog https://lovelettertocolumbus.com. It doesn’t matter much to me personally but I’m afraid it may be freaking people out and deterring traffic when they see this. Can you look into it and advise some possible fixes? This is a WordPress site, by the way. Thanks.

    Jason McGathey



    I went and checked LED Lighting Solutions and Love Letter to Columbus and I did not have any issues logging into the sites.

    I think there may have been a delay in the timing of the certificates if the website servers or domains hosts had been changed recently.

    Please let me know if you are still having problems.

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