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Urgent, Widget Idget Is Going to be the death of me

  1. Thank you. That links to

    Is that where it's supposed to link to?

    And the image is

    The code looks fine to me. That will work anywhere.

  2. Now, if you want to post that code in your blog, use the Code tag, as described here:

  3. flowergardengirl

    Ok, so for my readers to use it on their blog it needs to be wrapped in something? You probably want to strangle me don't you?

  4. flowergardengirl

    I read that and it is greek to me. I will go read it another 200 times though.

  5. flowergardengirl

    I like the part where it says...using one of these is required. So someone like me tries them all till one fits...but in this case...I'm doing a fundraiser and this is a bit timely. Ok, I'm talking to myself.

  6. flowergardengirl

    So you two--are wondering how long it takes me to get it figured out?

  7. Edit your post using HTML editor and add the code to let others see or embed it onto their blog:
    [sourcecode language="html"]<p align="center"><a href="URI_link" target="_blank"><img src="pic_URI" alt="pic description" width="180px" border="0" />[/sourcecode]

  8. "p" tag shouldn't be used. "p" tags are for paragraphs.

    The link I gave you originally does what you wanted in the first place. All you had to do was copy the code in the post and replace it with your page and image URLs.

  9. I've made a temporary post for you:

    The only thing you need to do is copy the code and paste it in your blog.

    Once you've copied the code, please let me know so that I can delete the post.

  10. BTW, one of the reasons I am not using the


    tags, is because your readers might not know how to copy the code from it (as it probably happened with you).


  11. flowergardengirl

    I've been pouring my heart over that sourcecoude as you've said we don't know how to use and you are correct and I've got a headache trying to figure it out. So do I put your code in the body of the post, in the comment, or in the Css? And I am very grateful as my readers are going nuts.

  12. flowergardengirl

    Hey I approved your comment and have at it.

  13. flowergardengirl

    I've got a stomach ache===tell me it worked cause I've got other major contributers waiting on the wings for this widget.

  14. Devblog's code ALWAYS works. I don't even have to look at it to know that.

  15. flowergardengirl

    Oh Lord, It's done but now the background is to light---how do I change that for crying out loud?

  16. flowergardengirl

    Yes, he was right all along but he's working with me who has not done this before and I was inserting things in the carburetor when they went in the muffler. So he's had to buy a new engine.

  17. You will have to change the image itself, then change the name of the image, then re-upload the image, copy the URL of the uploaded image, and then insert it into your code.

    Or you could just call it a day. That's what I'd recommend. After all, everyone has slightly different monitor settings and you don't know how dark they have their screens set.

  18. flowergardengirl

    It's not the image it's the code background that's too light and I've found where that color code is. I'll work with it. Thank you for hanging in there with me--so much appreciated.

  19. flowergardengirl

    This is why I would not want to leave wordpress. You would never get this help anywhere else. I know...I've been anywhere else.

  20. flowergardengirl

    Ok, that was easy easy cheesy, fixed the light background. Ya'll can go to bed now.

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