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    I recently changed my URL address from lettersandtrees.wordpress.com to lettersleaves.wordpress.com. This tends to work fine to a point. When I go onto my “About” page, and from there click onto my “Home” page, it somehow reverts to lettersandtrees.wordpress.com, and of course as that address was deleted, my Homepage can’t be accessed (from the About page). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is lettersleaves.wordpress.com.


    I checked your account and I see that you’ve gotten http://lettersnleaves.wordpress.com/ working and clicking “About” then “Home” is working for me there.

    What you described before could have been a caching issue and I would have had you try clearing your browser cache as a first troubleshooting step (in case someone else experiences the same thing and finds this thread).


    In the end I deleted my blog and started this new one. Thank you so much for your answer, though! :) Have a nice day.

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