URL: Case Sensitive?

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    WP newbie here. Searched but did not find:
    My address would read better, make quicker sense, if two of the characters were upper-case.
    1. Can address be changed to have two capital letters?
    2. If so: can people get to the address if they type it either way –upper & lower-case AND all lower case?
    3. How do I change –where is link/dashboard tool? (–Yes, I’ve looked around, can’t find.)

    WP Blog is impressive! It’s taking some squirming around, things are quite different, but I like my new home, Well Done programmers.


    PS Though it says “use the tool in upper right to give us feedback” there ISN’T one to click on on my page so:
    re: “Beta Tool of Stat Feeds”
    I think it would be better if you delete the connecting lines, just use dots to show what was reached each day.
    i.e., One day the connecting line dropped DOWN when the next day had not occured yet; looks goofy, doesn’t give accurate info that way. Delete the connecting lines. I like it, useful; Good tool.



    URL’s are not case sensitive. No matter how you type the domain with all caps or whatnot, it’ll still go to the same place. I think the old Netscape browsers actually dropped them to all lower case…

    There is a method of forcing it not to be case sensitive but that’s not something that’s going to happen here probably.

    Hope this helps,



    Ahhh, the inexactitude of Posts…
    No, not quite. What I’m asking, precisely, is: HOW do I change my address name, the “name.wordpress.com” so that it Does show “name” having TWO letters in it that are Capital?
    i.e., LovingWords.wordpress.com instead of lovingwords.wordpress.com

    1. CAN I change two characters TO BE upper case?
    2. If so: HOW? Where is link to make the change in the address?
    3. When I signed up for WordPress: I wrote the address the way I wanted it to read, but when it came through: it was changed to all lower case, so HOW to put it back the way I want it to read?
    Thanks for reply.




    You can’t.
    You can link to here as you wish, but when people get here they will see the full url in lowercase.



    Oh. I’m disappointed. Well now I get why it was changed when it came back. I’ll learn to live with it, I guess….
    Thanks much for replying.


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