URL changes but HTML content is not updated

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    This is looking to be more a server or server configuration issue rather than a WordPress-specific issue, but I’m hoping the braintrust here might be able to help me suss out what the problem is.

    I have a WordPress site that doesn’t have anything terribly atypical for the sites that I develop frequently. It’s simpler, actually.

    • The only plugin used is NextGEN Gallery
    • A single custom post type in addition to a handful of pages
    • Permalinks simply map to /%postname%/

    On my development server and staging server, everything works great. But when I deployed the site to my client’s server (Mac OS X Server v10.6.8/Snow Leopard running PHP 5.3.6 and mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev) something strange is happening that has me stumped.

    The first page (sometimes two) requested from the site comes back fine. As you click through the navigation (URLs are hard coded, not using WP menus) the URL displayed in the browser changes and the server returns a 200 status code, but the HTML doesn’t update. If you click back though any of the pages that displayed the incorrect HTML, it remains (as cached).

    If you do a hard refresh on any of the pages with the unchanged/incorrect HTML, it will update to the correct content. But only if refreshed after that first bungled request.

    Especially big puzzlers:

    1. Not specific to any browser or platform. Its everywhere.
    2. Javascript is ruled out – even with all js removed entirely the issue remains.
    3. Debug mode doesn’t return any errors.
    4. I have’t examined PHP or apache error logs yet. (No direct access to that from my end. Waiting for these from the client.)

    I’m wondering if this smacks of anything specific to anyone. If not, any thoughts regarding what to look at next are greatly appreciated.



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    Speaking of URLs…I just realized I posted to worpress.com support rather than wordpress.org.

    Marking resolved here. Feel free to delete.



    Best wishes with your site.

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