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    I’d registered “grumpyitguy.wordpress.com” under my real name, and then realized that a site where I go to complain about my job was probably not something I wanted associated with my name. I wanted it to be sort of anonymous.

    So I deleted that blog, and registered under a new name. Which I realize now, was not the proper way to do it, cause I can’t use grumpyitguy now, even though it’s been deleted. Is there a set amount of time for it to expire before it can be used, or will it ever be available again?

    The blog I need help with is grumpyitgeek.wordpress.com.



    Sadly, no. There is quite a process you have to go through to delete a blog, at least three steps, and at each step it tells you that once deleted you can never get it back nor will the name be available again. You’ll have to pick another one.http://en.support.wordpress.com/delete-site/

    Another option is to buy an annually renewable Custom Domain/Domain Mapping upgrades and hook whatever. wordpress.com to that. http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/




    @grumpy – the other option you had would have been to create a new user not associated with your real name an add them to your site as an editor.

    However the real name you might have filled in (sorry been a while since I registered here) does not show, only your username is on the blog.

    If you do get a custom domain remember to get the security option to hide your name behind a name secrecy option or all I need to do is a whois and get your information.

    And now you have an article for your first post on your new blog :) – good luck but be careful since many “anonymous” don’t remain so as you will tell someone sooner or later about the site or a coworker will recognize a name that you forgot to change.


    Well then. That sucks. I just thought those prompts were saying “Once you delete this, you’ll never be able to get the content back”.

    Thanks for the help, I’ll abandon my search for answers… Though this might end with me leaving wordpress…. We shall see.

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