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URL issue/questions - Login not on custom domain name & can I map www to TLD?

  1. I have just upgraded to have my own domain used as the primary domain for my site. I have added the domain and updated the DNS details to allow mail to go to the previous server. I can access the wordpress site using the address shown above but I appear to be always logged out. As you can understand this causes the site visitors number to bump up each time. When I click log in I am redirected to and I can then log in as normal. however when I do all the admin screens begin

    My first question therefore is how to I update/change the login screen, and subsequent Admin screens, to be just

    The second question is can I map or otherwise to using the dns settings screen.

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You cannot change the admin screens, but the login screen should work at will always reroute to on a setup.

  3. Thanks for the reply raincoaster.

    My issue is not that the admins screens do not work on but that they only work on
    If I go to I am not logged in even after clicking log in. This causes the visitor count to increase every time I access the site using to view posts etc.

    Currently does not reroute to it is still going to the previous location. I would like for the rerouting to happen as you describe.

  4. You may have to set up a redirect on the www address at your domain registrar. I've seen this sort of thing happen with some domain registrars, while with others WWW redirect are seamless and automatic.

  5. I followed the instructions for assigning the domain but I'll try what you said thesacredpath.

    Being unable to be logged into the bare domain is the more pressing issue as I said the counter increases every time I visit.

  6. The www issue has now been resolved it was a local DNS issue.

    I still have the issue that I cannot log into only

  7. I still have the issue that I cannot log into only This is not useful as I cannot check that a post is showing properly without increasing the views. At present every time I land on I am increasing the views counter which I obviously do not want to do as then I have no idea of the actual number of visitors I have that day.

    Any help or clarification on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  8. If you log in at then go to your page views will not be counted -

    I have a mapped domain name and I am never counted as long as I log in to the base account first - I just double checked it on my site and still works that way for me

  9. Thanks for the reply auxclass, I really wish this was the case however I can log into as many times as I want however I am never logged in at

  10. I can even click the logo in the top left of the Dashboard, which is on, but I am not logged in at

  11. You will never be logged into where you see that in your dashboard -

    Your dashboard will always show - your dashboard is always the base URL of the WordPress.COM that your domain name is mapped to

  12. Currently anytime I go to the visitor count is increasing by one. This happens each and every time. If I was so inclined I could force my page views. It even registers the referrer as WordPress Dashboard.

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