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URL link in the image widget- need it to open in a new window or tab

  1. Hi
    I have some image widgets on my blog in the sidebar. I also have a URL link for each image to direct the browser to open the specified external website when they are clicked. HOWEVER, i want a new window or tab to open to display the linked URL. At the moment, when you click one of the images it navigates away from my page completely and opens the link.
    There doesnt seem to be a tick-box option nor does the URL box accept HTML.

    Any help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no blog linked to your username but UI serahed and found this URL Is it the blog in question?

  3. edit: I searched

  4. hi

    sorry, i thought i selected it

  5. As the image widget does not provide the option of setting links to open in new windows then you can use a text widgets and insert the code into it.

    You upload the image, click File URL, insert it, then click on the image (in the visual editor), click on the edit button (mountain icon), click “Advanced Settings”, scroll down to “Target”, tick “Open link in a new window”, click Update, click Update Post.
    Or, you upload the image, click File URL, insert it, then in the html editor add this to the image code (after href… etc… jpg, with a space before it):

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