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    I was informed by friends who read my WordPress blog that they are unable to access my posts. I post my blog on various social media, including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter. However, when people click on the links they received a message that the page doe not exist. I typically copy paste the URL from a WordPress post to other social media sites. I use a tiny url for Twitter. But none of these links apparently work. Can you help me?



    The blog I need help with is changingwinds.wordpress.com.



    I’m not having any trouble clicking through on your Twitter links. Can you tell if this is happening to everyone, or just a few people?


    Thanks for checking this out. It’s a friend who lives overseas. Since posting this, I asked her to do some more testing. She found that it may be her laptop with Windows8 where the problem resides. Her Windows7 PC seems to allow her to get to my links. Weird.



    That would make more sense that it is a localized issue. Frustrating, but nothing you or I can do from this end of things.

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